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We want your feedback on the levels 12 996 - 13 040!

QueenB Posts: 11,392 Community Manager

Howdy Crushers!

We would love to get your feedback on the latest levels!  

New sweet levels are released weekly in Candy Crush Saga, and the Levels Designers want your feedback to make the game even sweeter.

This week, you can directly share your feedback on levels 12 996 - 13 040 with the people behind the levels!

We would like to know how you feel about the following:

  • How long did it take to complete all the levels?
  • What level did you find most challenging and why?
  • What was your favorite level you would like to play one more time?

Comment and leave your feedback to the Team behind the new levels!

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  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,204 Level 5

    Level 13,000 Ahead...

    Oh Yeah!

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,840 Level 5

    Yay! It’s a good news! For level 13 000 come out now on windows 10 and 11! 🎉🥳

    But bad news, the problem with two levels are impossible! I found the problem wit level 13013 and 13018.

    Level 13013:

    There is not enough toffee swirls without using lucky candies or extra moves. Currently moves of level is 25 moves and you needs all 104 toffee swirls to complete this level, but there are only 24 toffee swirls on board and needs 80 another toffee swirls from candy cannons. 1 three-laying toffee swirl per moves come out. 25 x 3 toffee swirls = 75 toffee swirls! Impossible.

    Level 13018: This level is also impossible without using lucky boosters or extra moves. There are not enough licorice swirls on this level. You need 30 licorice swirls to complete this level, there are only 12 licorice swirls on board, and you need another 18 licorice swirls from candy cannons. Currently moves of this level is 30 moves, but 1 licorice swirl every 2 moves come out. 18 x 2 moves = 36 moves! Another impossible level.

    Please check the level 13013 and 13018. Both. Thank you

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,840 Level 5

    I am stuck at level 13018 now, because for me lucky booster are empty. Therefore for level 13018 needs lucky candies booster to complete this level. Attention: for the reward of Lucky candies booster are very limited! The rewards of lucky boosters can be found for only on Star Tourament, Royalty and booster wheel.

  • borja123456
    borja123456 Posts: 22 Level 2

    I don't understand what's the point of this threads if the levels will be modified when they are realeased to android players. I'm currently at 12899 and it's a nightmare to complete these new releases without using a lot of gold bars since most of them have 20 pointless moves and impossible versions.

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,204 Level 5

    Level 13,000 completed now do I stay or do I go onto more levels? Do I want to be in the Gold Vault competition or maybe just stay in the Silver? Do not like to hurry them new levels and that Gold Vault competition gets pretty worked up!

  • Peter_Tornaros
    Peter_Tornaros Posts: 1,701 Level 5

    @QueenB What is the use of providing feedback, whether good or bad, when it is totally ignored and never acknowledged. I have reached Level 13024 and stopped. I only went this far to reach and qualify for the Gold Vault. The experience was not enjoyable !!

    I passed 13018 with the assistance of a lucky candy, extra moves, UFOs, etc, etc. The level is a total disgrace, but then you get to 13020 which I can only describe as no more than a very bad joke. My 10 year old grandson could design better. What a disappointment level 13000 was. To dish up a boring Rainbow Rapids level as a milestone shows the total incompetence of the Games Studio.

  • Fences
    Fences Posts: 1,103 Level 4

    @QueenB The Games Studio clearly doesn't listen to the players.

  • Fences
    Fences Posts: 1,103 Level 4

    @Peter_Tornaros May I see what your grandson's designs look like? I'm intrigued.

  • Mim_
    Mim_ Posts: 629 Level 4

    I don't care how many people can do level 13018 I had lucky candies and only ever got 1!!!!!!!!! I am not spending any more money on this level. I also had half an hour of lucky candies and I only had 1 level of 1 lucky candy. Before, I have had several lucky candies for each level. This game is not worth the stress and nobody listens to you, they just reply telling you that they have done the level. That a lot of use to anyone. Is anyone going to actually look at this level. I am quite capable of playing this game and know how it works, and for me this level doesn't work.

  • Yorben_Goeree
    Yorben_Goeree Posts: 3,840 Level 5

    If the Levels Designers don't want to listen to us, then they get a big problem. I don't like that anymore about the levels are 100% impossible for not enough clear all orders. (For example: licorice swirls and toffle swirls)

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