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Is this the most boring online game now

John_Sanders Posts: 147 Level 3

Not sure what the people at candy crush are trying to achieve but if there plan is to bore players by constantly churning out impossible levels then I think they are getting it spot on. There is absolutely no point in even attempting most of the recent levels and I would love to know who thinks players would enjoy playing on the same crap level for over a week and still not getting close to completing it. What used to be an enjoyable game is now a waste of time and really annoying.


  • spiller
    spiller Posts: 97 Level 2

    I totally agree!!! It’s a waste of time and not as they suggest relaxing 🤣. I feel more fool me for even bothering, granted I refuse to pay as I’m so aware algorithms are designed to fleece us. But so frustrating that they have gone to this level of so many impossible levels one after another. So pleased you put this up as it totally echoes my thoughts. 👍

  • Fakhruddin-2
    Fakhruddin-2 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Absolutely right and they have now are creating glitch in game showing no internet connection and when I complained about it they told me to delete the game and reinstall and was promised I will receive my boosters and to my surprise all my boosters were gone and after writing letters they gave me 2% of my boosters. By creating this type of glitch they remove all your boosters and you have to purchase gold bars

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