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Candy crush saga level 2951

level 2951 is a different from level 2951 on walk through it has a timer. 


  • Joe-14Joe-14 Posts: 2 Newbie

    What I found worked, was to use two wraps above the licorice...... Credit madmomma2 

  • Codeblue3638Codeblue3638 Posts: 30 Level 2

    The 2 wrapped candies above the two licorice in the center is the only way to clear center licorice  since king has decided to not change licorice to candies  even when hit 3 or 4times   Problem is it takes so long to get those 2wrapped candies  I didn’t have enough moves to clear all the other   Since once again my moves were cut from original amt of moves   And what’s the pits is the next level is labeled super hard    Tell me who wants to spends hundreds of attempts to beat a level just to go to next level AND spend even more  time beating it  this app BORING 

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