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Why no more ads to watch to win boosters or lives?



  • vbabcock
    vbabcock Posts: 5 Level 2

    I am so frustrated! I can barely win a level. I am stuck on the same levels for days because I lose lives and have to quit playing for hours to gain more. I can't accomplish wins because I can't complete the levels against players who are able to access boosters (paid for or granted by ads) who are thousands of levels below me. I can't win bars because I am the last player to win, I only get 1 which is the same as zero. No access to the chocolate box because I can't complete order fulfillment. No chance to weekly contest win because I am against players who have access to boosters (paid for or granted boosters), no access to Star collection, candy royale, friend challenge, or any other feature because I can't access or win free ad boosters, beasue no video ad feature availble. Why? I, like many other players, am on a strict budget. Living paycheck to paycheck every month because of limited funds. Even a $.99 cent payment is to expensive. The ad feature was the only saving grace they have to enjoy continuing playing. This has been going on for months. The mouse is there, then gone. The daily ad feature is there for extra help and then gone. The extra free moves, are there and gone. I am frustrated, and then losing interest. To the point, I prefer to delete the game to save memory on my phone.

  • sajibislam
    sajibislam Posts: 3 Newbie
  • Xxander
    Xxander Posts: 5,902 Level 5

    Hello and welcome to the Community 👋

    There qre 2 awsers for this question.

    1) The cinema is still in ghe testing fase.

    2) Testing features are for groups of players, not for everyone

    So we qll have the same issues. And most people want the feature back! Unfortunately, like most test, we have to wait for a bit, until the bugs are gone and the features are 100% correct with no failures.... I dont have prodiction giftes but I think if the demand us this big, we will get the feature back.

    Owh BTW, if you mis it now, it wont say you dont get it back.

    Hope this awnsers your questions. Have a nice weekend

  • Blister
    Blister Posts: 167 Level 3

    Yo Dude, can you explain exactly what is meant by TESTING phase please. You have obviously picked that up from lots of other answers you have read but it doesn't actually answer what players are saying or asking, it's just an excuse King use.

    Let's face it as an example:

    Sweet Cinema,adverts and many other features classed as being in the testing phase were out long before Covid. And since Covid started a vaccine has been created, TESTED, approved and administered worldwide. So can you tell us what you are classing as TESTING phase and how long it's meant to carry on for.

  • Xxander
    Xxander Posts: 5,902 Level 5

    Features are tested. Thats nothing new.

    And no I experianced this MYSELF. I got several versions of "sweet cinema ". Extra lives if you did not pass a level. And an other time i got boosters. And it came and was gone suddenly.

    Im NOT from King. It just tell you what I experianced. And it looks a lot like your story!

    Your story about vaccins, sound a lot like what King is doing with dome features. It not transparant, ill give you that. But a lot changed in game with testing and feedback. You can see that daily in game.

    Again, enjoy your weekend

  • cookiemae
    cookiemae Posts: 737 Level 3

    Saying something is being tested is bull. How long can a test take? I guess I have never been in a testing group in almost 10 years.I have never had access to many testing events. They just say testing to keep from rolling out these events to all players. It's a joke. Every time anyone asks a question the answer is the same( testing). Makes no sense to me that you can test something for almost a year. Lies Lies.

  • LessleyS
    LessleyS Posts: 2 Newbie

    The same is going on here. I'd rather watch a few ads than exchange gold bars for a few extra moves or boosters.

  • tracygaylor
    tracygaylor Posts: 8 Level 2

    What is sweet cinema I have had none of these I don’t get chocolate box I only get daily spin or the one you win everyday and get a booster every seven days .

  • Kazza-3
    Kazza-3 Posts: 219 Level 3

    Most people here don’t believe the whole “test feature” explanation. Like cookiemae I’ve never had the option to watch ads in over 8 years of playing, & for years have been given the same excuse. I know there are millions of players worldwide but statistically it surely should have been given to everyone to try by now.

    The inequalities between player’s games makes completing levels & competing in things like the weekly & episode races impossible.

  • Lee_Orcutt_Tripp
    Lee_Orcutt_Tripp Posts: 5 Level 2

    People! I believe the King organization has undergone a leadership change. A change that puts profits over providing a fun time for the community. It's obvious. I am ready to give up- after 8 years of playing I am at level 9000+. But now with no chance to get freebies I am stuck for days on levels. I have never bought any thing from King, but it appears that if I want to advance I will have to. A moral dilemma! I can't see myself enjoying the game if I have to pay my way to win.

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