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Colourbombs self destructing!



  • Graeme_LondonGraeme_London Posts: 96 Level 3

    I have this problem too it needs fixing fast

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  • Nigel_CleavesNigel_Cleaves Posts: 29 Level 2
    edited March 2018

    This thread is over a week long now and still no resolution to the problem. Can KING care to explain why it is taking so long to fix?

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 328 Level 3

    Still silence, sigh... Sorry, but I'm just thinking out loud here, do the new owners still care???

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 328 Level 3

    Hellooo, anybody home??? Why can't this be fixed?

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