I think there is a glitch at level 420.

Rick-7Rick-7 Posts: 1

Level 420 has three boxes in the lower middle of the screen that wont let anything pass thru and there is no way to break them. I think there is a glitch.


  • Simon_WardSimon_Ward Posts: 2

    Yup, it's bust :(

  • nnntolllnnntolll Posts: 2

    Same thing is happening to me! I thought I was the only one! How do we get King to fix it?! I used a booster on it and everything to no avail!

  • I'm having the same problem.  It makes me not want to play the game anymore.  SO frustrating!

  • Jayne_StrahmJayne_Strahm Posts: 3

    I don't have an answer but I am at level 3360 and am waiting for new games.  So in the meantime I uploaded king candy crush again on my computer instead of facebook.  Everything was good until level 420.  This never happened before so yes King needs to fix those pesky 3 blank squares in the middle that will not explode.

  • José_SavelkoulJosé_Savelkoul Posts: 42 ✭✭

    There is a glitch with this level (old Flash-version). This level works just fine with the new HTML5-version. So I would recommend to switch to another browser to get the new version of the game. Then you're able to pass this level... ;)

  • nnntolllnnntolll Posts: 2

    I have the most up to date Chrome....I can’t get it to run anything other than flash. Any way to get it to use HTML5?

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