Candy Crush Saga Level 3363

Stuck, played for a day and half, wasted so many boosters, watched videos on youtube to help, guess what???!!! The videos show only 25 fishes and I have to get a LOT MORE!

Please fix ASAP.



  • wee_powee_po Posts: 25 Level 2

    Same here and Ive wasted all my boosters too. 

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  • HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE NOW THAT YOU HAVE REDUCED THE MOVES FURTHER! I challenge you to call me and give it 10 goes to pass this level will full set of boosters and 16 MOVES for 40 JELLY FISH! I have been playing the same level for 3 days now.  Please dont tell me to do sugar track or that many people have already passed it.  They passed it with more moves and less jelly fish!

    How do we get compensated for the trouble your tinkering is causing????

  • SIX DAYS NOW! How is this supposed to make me relax and unwind?  The most I can do with all the boosters is 21 Jelly fishes!  SORT IT OUT ASAP!

  • Alegna_AngieAlegna_Angie Posts: 15 Newbie

    I only have 13 moves totally impossible! 

  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 187 Level 3
    edited May 2018

    Glad I am not the only one who find this level impossible with 40 fish and only 13 moves.  I am sure we will not find a video completing this level.  I challenge CC to complete this with only 13 moves. I never thought I would quit; but this level will probably do it unless changes are made.

  • parlady 99, this is absolutely disgraceful.  I watched a video with 25 moves, I completed with a LOT of boosters, lollipops etc with 16 moves, to reduce further is an absolute joke.   Their motto of relax and unwind is also becoming a joke.  The levels are becoming senseless and depressing.  I would rather play the lottery. 

  • FFS King don't you have any quality assurace in your games? That you have totally different difficulties on different plattforms is actually not acceptable!

  • jadehollowjadehollow Posts: 9

    YouTube shows players starting with 26 moves .. I've only had 16 from the start and it's impossible! Now this morning they've lowered it to 13! I've exhausted all boosters .. filled my helmets all without prevail .. this is totally BS! 

  • Joseph1948Joseph1948 Posts: 1

    This is not only impossible, it is insulting to those of us who have been loyal followers through 3362 levels.  I will check periodically to see if it has changed, but otherwise, I am done with CCS. 

  • rmur23rmur23 Posts: 125 Level 3

    Their "quality control" is to rip people off because people will pay it. Not sure how y ou all havent figured that out yet.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 32,874 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi guys, thank you all for writing here.  I can't guarantee that King will change this level but I can promise you that I will try to get them to change it! 

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  • Darko_BednjanecDarko_Bednjanec Posts: 2 Newbie

    DON'T TRY TO FINISH IT AT ANDROID, UNTIL KING RESOLVE IT! PC FB VERSION STILL HAS 26 FISH @ 25 MOVES!I played this level on Android, King expanded task to 40 fish and reduced play to only 13 moves! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.I tried with multiple boosters, not even close to finish it.Just of curiosity, I switched to PC and- finished it at 1st try! So much about it.

  • jiffylady1jiffylady1 Posts: 30 Newbie

    Hi guys, thank you all for writing here.  I can't guarantee that King will change this level but I can promise you that I will try to get them to change it! 

    Elsa the problem is they are doing this to every level. Every level I check here are people that are upset with the move changes. Does King not care they are losing players?
  • Imareader247Imareader247 Posts: 6
    edited June 2018

     I’m on 3363. Impossible on my mobile. 13 moves need 40 fish. The best I’ve gotten down still needing 28. So I switched to my PC because people said there were 26 moves and fewer fish required. My PC gives 19 moves and I still need 40  fish! The best I’ve gotten down to here was 23 fish still needed.  I have to say I get a ton of fish out of those dispensers every time I play but it doesn’t seem to count the fish down. Is it just not working correctly or am I missing a point somewhere!?   I’ve quit this game before and came back and I think I’m going to quit it again. I don’t have boosters nor do I want to have to use boosters in order to pass a level. King you better get your act together.  this is ridiculous! I’ve been playing this game a long time to be this stuck this high in the game 

  • Hi guys, thank you all for writing here.  I can't guarantee that King will change this level but I can promise you that I will try to get them to change it! 

    Exactly, Elsa! Every level has become like this. It takes for ever to pass them and it just isn’t fun anymore. You guys used to do a hard level and then a few fun ones that were just totally fun. Now they’re all hard and no fun.
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