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Where is the fun???

Vallyvally79 Posts: 50 Level 2
edited April 2023 in Discussions

This is my game, in each chapter I have 5/6 level difficult or extra difficult and everytime I have to use Gold bars to pass it. I don't have any possibilities to gain boosters: the chocolate boxes give me only boosters free in time and now also the weekly box give me only boosters free in time. Moreover I don't have any extra event for months as Spring or All Stars. It's getting so boring!!! 😠


  • WafflesMom
    WafflesMom Posts: 10 Level 2

    I feel the same way! Super difficult to make any progress right now with so many difficult levels and most of the chances to earn boosters taken away. I agree, it doesn't feel as fun anymore. I like being challenged but I don't like spending 2+ days on the same level (and I play more often than I should probably admit). I hope something shifts soon.

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 7,369 Legend

    I play on two different logins at the moment. I started from scratch two weeks ago and have reached level 574 again, actually I AM having fun with that one. It's using your boosters wisely, get onto a win streak and win episode races, that's what makes the game fun. But Candy Crush is a game of two halves. As for my other, regular game at level 13 980, that is a totally different story. It doesn't feel like the same game to me. To keep playing at this level feels like a chore and NO FUN AT ALL. Even if you do have gold and boosters, it is just boring.

  • Vallyvally79
    Vallyvally79 Posts: 50 Level 2

    I do the same just to have some fun!! But I'd like to play from my principal profile...I'm playing for so many years!

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