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Can't Opt Out of Candy Royale!



  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 150,602 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited May 2023

    Check out Can't Opt Out of Candy Royale Feedback has been sent to the Studio Team here already!

  • LDBr
    LDBr Posts: 49 Level 2

    Fix this so that we can opt out. There is no ‘X out’ and no ‘play later’

    So fed up of changes being made to the game with no proper testing or user input. So fed up of having to post feedback in order for it to be ignored!😕

  • LeeLee1926
    LeeLee1926 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Why are we forced to play this?!?!?? It sucks and is stupid!!!!!! Give me back the opt out button!!!!!! Or you know I can delete this game and get another one.. up to you...

  • Gruncher
    Gruncher Posts: 53 Level 2

    Yeah, but why? Why is it not a universal option? That's what people want to know, and we've got no answers about it from the people amaking the updates. Not a lick about when it'll be remedied or why it's only certain people who can opt out, and most can't unless they lose. And when you're forced to keep paying more and more to get into the higher levels because of how unfair the move counts can be. That's a scummy thing to be pulling.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the anonymous devs behind this game appear to be allergic to actually making updates that benefit everyone, both the consumer and the company, and instead only do things that profit them and them alone. Either that or they're just flat-out incompetent like all devs appear to be these days.

  • EugeniaHonora
    EugeniaHonora Posts: 30 Level 2
    edited June 2023

    If I can be the player who also hates this irritating game that persuades King to remove the obligation to play Candy Royale then I'd like to be. Hate this part of the game.

  • EugeniaHonora
    EugeniaHonora Posts: 30 Level 2
    edited May 2023

    So they know about it, but haven't removed the obligation to play. What we'd then like the answer to is Why the $#>^ not? What's in it for King to make people play Candy Royale? Not that many people would pay to stay in the game to win gold bars, which they can buy anyway with less irritation?

  • TDRock2021
    TDRock2021 Posts: 14 Level 2
    edited June 2023

    No but it's worth bringing it up again because the issue obviously isn't actually being addressed. I made the original discussion that ended up becoming a mega discussion and moved to support. And I made that post on like April 20th or something. So if feedback has been sent to the developers when are they actually going to do something about it?

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 13,499 Legend
    edited June 2023

    Well that is the thing isn't it TDRock. There is very little evidence to suggest that King react to any of the feedback provided by this community and the best evidence of this is the loss of landscape mode for iPhone players.

    Also you will notice that no one official has ever said that King will do anything about the missing X button on Candy Royale

    The official response was:

    QueenB: Thank you all for your feedback and wanted to let you know that these have been passed on to the team 😉

    The feature is being tested which means some of you will get the option to chose Not Now while some of us will not. Glad to see Android players has a workaround.

    As you can see there is nothing in that response to indicate that the feedback was provided with the intent of the feedback being acted upon.

    All we know from that response is that the removal of the X button is a test, and what we know about tests is that the change will only be undone once the test is over and not due to any feedback.

    From my perspective tests never end well each and every test has always ended in the tested change to a feature being made permanent.

    Going back to the fixed portrait mode example this was tested twice maybe three times from what I remember and each time the test was derided by the people affected. King still made this a permanent change regardless of all the negative feedback received.

  • auduali
    auduali Posts: 46 Level 2
    edited June 2023

    Only a courageous player can play candy royal yesterday I hit 125 goal bar with candy royal jackpot this is exclusive game for King!

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 5,761 Level 5
    edited June 2023

    Well done! I hope they won't remove it from your game now. I got the whole 500 once, and after that they took Candy Royale away from my game, never to return.....

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