Level 3737 doesn't work, the numbers don't add up..

Cookie_KirbyCookie_Kirby Posts: 20 New Bee

Reducing the moves to 18 PLUS adding blockers PLUS more locked candies has made this impossible even using boosters. There are 12 chocolates on the board which means 18 are needed, that's one for every move. This means that to collect all the 30 chocolates ALL 18 moves must be made without clearing a single chocolate. I think I am a pretty good player having got this far with few boosters, I don't complain about impossible levels just because they are hard, but I can also see when a level is impossible to win. Do the maths! It doesn't work.

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  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 7,375 Community Manager
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    Hey guys,

    Good news!

    I wanted to let you know that following the feedback, the Studio decided to tweak the level - There are now 28 moves. You can refresh your game and enjoy the crushing :)

    Thanks for your patience and feedback!


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