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Limited lives


Hi folks,

First of, I love candy crush, after not playing for a few months to a year or so, I'm back and enjoying, it for the most part.

What I'm not enjoying, is that when I run out of lives, I think I have a whole lot of friends who send me lives. But I'm limited to only 15 extra lives a day, and that is so not fair or fun. Even though I have more lives waiting. This is not fun at all.

I also think you folks could be more generous with unlimited lives, like the other candy crush games.

I do appreciate and enjoy the free gold bars I get when winning a race, but you charge way too much for boosters.

Please fix these issues, and I'll be a happy player.


  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 7,326 Legend

    Hi there and welcome back. In the months you have been away the game has changed, and not for the better. All these issues you mention have been circulating in the community for months now. You might want to just check out some of the other threads out there in the Discussions and Support forums. All of the changes are put in place in order to persuade players to spend money on the game. There are ways around it, but we can't share those here. My advice would be to not spend money on anything, because the prices goes up for players who spend money and if you still get free boosters watching adverts you are likely to lose those. For King these are not issues to be fixed, but their strategy to make a profit. But if you love the game and are having fun, then good luck with it and enjoy!

  • Offthewollman
    Offthewollman Posts: 5 Level 2

    Hmm, I wonder where I could discuss ways to get around not spending money to get lives.

    I feel they are going to lose players if they continue this way.

    Thank you for responding

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