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parlady99parlady99 Posts: 191 Level 3

Surprised there are no comments about this level.  Impossible one since CC have lowered the moves from 32 to 24.  It could have been a fun level at 32; but impossible at 24.


  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,501 Sweet Legend

    I know that you don't expect me to have an answer for you but I do want to acknowledge that I am reading your messages.  If you ever come across a level that has already been reported please let me know.  At the moment 3791 seems to have a lot of complaints and I reported it to them yesterday.

  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 191 Level 3

    I know that CC doesn't answer most of the complaints; but it is nice to have you to vent to about such ridiculous levels. The complaints are seem to be the same. Lower moves which CC does on just about every level.  So thanks for listening to my complaints.

  • Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,501 Sweet Legend

    Does it sound terrible to say that I love listening to your complaints?  Slide on over and I'll share the same complaints with you!  You should become a Superstar since you are here all the time!  

  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 191 Level 3

    Hello Elsa, It is interesting that I hardly ever made comments before CC starting changing every level either by lowering the moves or adding blockers. This way the only way to complete a level is with boosters.  I had always liked the challenge of each level even when it took me days to finish. Now, each level is impossible without boosters as Queen Mia even admits.  Oh well, I will hang in there a while longer till my boosters run out and then it is adios unless CC goes back to workable levels. 

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