Glitch on 4018

siouxsiesiouxsie Posts: 31 Level 2

There is a glitch where the top left and 2nd left candies are wrapped alternately and so they blow each other up in a continuous cycle ie the left is wrapped so it blows up the one next to it, which drops down as a wrapped and blows up the left, which drops down as a wrapped...

I have only had this problem a couple of times in the numerous times I have tried this level but it is annoying as it wastes the bot help built up.

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 32,001 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi siouxsie, how are you doing today?  I just looked online at Johnny's video  to see what you are talking about.  Were you able to clear this yet?

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  • siouxsiesiouxsie Posts: 31 Level 2

    hi, I am fine thanks.I only solved it by crashing out and

     starting again. Looking at other forums I am not the only one to have had this issue.

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