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1180 help



  • Former_UserFormer_User Posts: 0 Newbie

    I just had a chat with a king rep who says they are working on a fix for this level. I would avoid playing until they fix it.

  • Diana_MiloneDiana_Milone Posts: 11 Level 2

    well I hope they fix it as its annoying. cannot even get close especially having to get all the 2 striped candies and like others said above once you set it off you lose all what you need. I am getting bored. please fix

  • I think this will finally be the level that gets me to quit, which is a shame. I don't see how it's possible to pass the level even with purchasing extra boosters. I wish you could pay to SKIP a level because I would totally opt for that at this point. The level isn't even interesting to play - just hard.

  • Former_UserFormer_User Posts: 0 Newbie

    I commented earlier that I had a chat with a King rep who said they are working on a fix. I wonder why they removed my comment? 

  • Ok this is the level that I will stop playing. The level is far too hard and I really don't see how this can be passed without buying credits, which is not aloud by facebook rules on games! What makes is even worse, the level is unstable with faults so sorry, not even worth spending money to pass, King this is the last where I quit. King, you have gone too far with this level!!!!

  • I'm done with this game. i finally finish this stage after using more than 20 hands and lollipops and at the end of the last mix up it froze! i had to refresh page and the stage was not past. No one seems to care and fix it and this is not fun anymore. no support not nothing all they do is take money and nothing else.  

  • I agree with everyone who answered.  This level might just end my CC play which would be a shame.  Hopefully CC will rethink this level before people quit.  If more mystery candies fell, we might have a chance.  Even the videos show people using lots of boosters.

    hey king! come on king! make levels that are manageable to pass. it's IMPOSSIBLE to make that amount of color bombs + striped and add the striped + striped. those combos take a lot of moves and with that board shape with conveyor it's so tough to make those orders. there's also the bombs that may explode if not defused in time. make modifications and NERF this level please! king for the sake of us players. make a TRUE level, not a ridiculously insane one!!! For the sake of the many CCS lovers make this level possible to accomplish, I plead for a fix on this level
  • I actually just got through this one with only one hand switch and one extra move.  It needs a bit of patience, but like another user said, do the stripe/stripe combos early and fire them into the dead patches as much as possible to create the least disturbance. When you first start, make your first move to uncover a 3-combo contain two mystery candies.  Those are the ones you'll get a two-stripe from.  Then fire that two stripe into a blank area or use the licorice to stop the avalanche. I ended up get five of them done before I had to to set off a colour bomb.  Good luck people!

  • RaganaRagana Posts: 21 Newbie

    Just another level designed to force us into making a purchase! 

    agree, I'm not going to waste time & money. King games uninstalled. Goodbye King
  • parlady99parlady99 Posts: 210 Level 3

    I just had a chat with a king rep who says they are working on a fix for this level. I would avoid playing until they fix it.

    Thanks for the info. This level definitely needs a fix.
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