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👆🦋 New Feature - Tap the Butterfly

QueenB Posts: 13,472 Community Manager
edited November 2023 in Discussions

Hello hello 😃

Some of you might have noticed a new feature called: Tap the Butterfly!

Right now, we’re testing this feature with a few players to make it perfect for you and others and we would love to hear your thoughts and ways to improve it.

How does it work?

It’s super easy: when you see a butterfly in a level, just tap it. Then you need to beat the level in order to collect the reward.

Some of these butterflies bring you instant rewards. Cool, right?

There are six different butterflies. Collect them all before time runs out to win a fantastic prize.

So, keep an eye out for butterflies, tap them, pass the level and enjoy the rewards.

Have fun playing 👆🦋

👆🦋 New Feature - Tap the Butterfly 82 votes

Love it! 🦋 It adds a fun twist to the game, and I enjoy collecting the butterflies and getting rewards
MarilynJ_K-dawg_Andres-2OlgaPSabrinaMmintmin2tininha1975MountainMombetty84penny8162carmenechevarriarebelchildPrincess_JessicanykiaMatwes4SheppsRacoon7Palash_SarmaAmoonmoonKyshA72 33 votes
Like it! 🌟 It's a nice addition, but I'm still getting the hang of it. Excited to see what more it can offer
Lady_ChoojohamiltonJennifer_BluhmKerriechvylverAmberRaeLeolelenspadidas11zs1982Nico_GJONH10Toune_PGjk14crazylegsaunt 13 votes
Neutral 😐 It's okay, neither good nor bad. I don't mind it, but it doesn't significantly change my gameplay experience.
Remano88tanii19LadyGaivmansjnycmoe75IsfanjaaMannyFaeGermanachorottengamer 9 votes
Not a fan 😕 I find it a bit distracting and prefer the game without this feature
__MULLIGANACEOUS__LDBrsteventsengAncaAaemoonman1957 5 votes
Haven't tried it yet 🤔 I haven't encountered the feature in my game yet, so I can't say
Peter_TornaroscookiemaeTzvi_Marcukiara_waelYorben_GoereeEnergizerBunnySpinnifixMiladyRDieOmimiFran334AlienscarpapytchulaElviramartinez_61petelistonteeweipingSigmaMMXSApple2Arrowflinger200mimisLareeza 22 votes


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