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‼️ Disappearing Events / Missing Daily Booster Machine‼️

PummyRaj Posts: 37,176 Candy Moderator
edited January 22 in Support

Hello, Candy Crushers!

  • Is your Daily Booster Machine disappearing from your game?
  • Are your Events missing from Events’ folder?
  • Is Mr.Toffee saying “no events” in front of a closed curtain?

It is a glitch that is affecting the game and causing👆these issues!!

🌟There is a small trick/work-around to get rid of this glitch🌟

Replay an old level —> win or lose does not affect —> immediately, go back to the map screen —> open your Events folder —> All the events & features that are available to you right now will return back 👍

  • If replaying an old level does not work, play a new level!
  • Sometimes, you will have to repeat the steps multiple times. Don't give up👍️

Note: Until the glitch is fixed, you might have to follow this trick everyday (for the 1st time you open the game).

The issue is being investigated by the Candy Saga Studio team! Until they send the fix, please bear with us!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding 🙏🏼



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