Massive Price Increase?



  • bjgill17bjgill17 Posts: 0
    I have been playing g and spending g money on this game for almost 2 years.  I will NEVER purchase the bricks again if it stays at 30 bricks being full.  If I cannot advance with out buying the bricks, I will delete this game from all my devices. Then King will not long get my money in the future..this would be a loose loose. 
  • andrewmandrewm Posts: 1
    It is not only the Piggy Bank that has doubled in price. But all gold bar purchases have gone up very considerably due to the greed  of King. I used to spend between £ 1-200 a month and I am nearly at level 4000. Their ridiculous price increases have made me reconsider how I play and I will never buy anything again even though the higher levels are largely designed to make you want to buy boosters because they can be very hard to complete if you do not. Also if you watch carefully King do not abide by the Move Rules correctly and if it looks like you may win they slip one or two pieces to worsen what would have otherwise have been a good position. So I will just play for free and save a small fortune - It is nearly as much fun and hopefully prove to King that we are neither made of money for playing games nor are we stupid as they seem to think we are. I strongly suggest we all do the same to teach them a lesson about avarice.
  • TWILLTWILL Posts: 3 is hard to make progress without having to purchase helpers...that shouldn't be that way but...
  • valtat63valtat63 Posts: 1
    I have played candy crush since the day it started and have spent loads of money, we finally get a little bonus,60 bars for £2.99 then out of the blue you halve the amount of bars but keep the price the same, I will not be purchasing anything from you greedy buggers until the 60 bars is reinstated. Shame on you 
  • I’ve decided spending money on a game that isn’t the Lottery just isn’t in the budget anymore. Lol consequently I stay stuck on levels for a while. 
  • Why am I not seeing this discussion thread anymore. OI !! Mr King put it back. 
  • pyxiepyxie Posts: 1
    viviwel said:
    i notice that the game has had a bit of a make-over, probably done to mask the fact that the king people are insanely imbecilic and false. the happy smiling faces of their cartoon characters are a counterweight to the crass, greedy and unintelligent people that run the site. wonder if they have remembered that it is just a game and there are many more of them out there.

  • delimomdelimom Posts: 1
    30 bricks now?  Nope...nope...nope!  Guess it'll just take me longer to complete levels!  I'm done spending $$! 🤑
  • septimusdogpitseptimusdogpit Posts: 1
    edited December 2018
    I emailed Candy Crush about the cynical doubling of prices for gold bars and was told that i didn’t have to buy them to play the game. But no explanation about why they needed to double the price. I think it is a sign that King care more about making money than making friends with those who play their games. So now we know what they think about us the faithful gamers who have supported they all this time.
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