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Testing, testing.....Comparing different events for different players

christinewupp Posts: 5,572 Level 5

I have three well established games now and am trying to work out who gets what events and if they are a fair match.

The events that I think every player gets I do not mention here:

These are Booster Wheel, Daily Treat Machine, Chocolate Box, Daily Win ,Weekly Contest, and the Episode/Champions Race

All of my games also get the Season Pass, do all mobile players get this?

These are the differences as of 21.2.24

old iPhone6 ios 12 (level 5571 "Sunflower")

-Hungry Hatchling,

-Golden Crowns, (new today)

-Gold club (top prize 100 gold/25 players),

-Top win streak: 2 colour bomb version

-Sweet cinema (permanently non functioning, probably due to privacy settings)

-"Mr Toffees Bounty" (pointless sales "event")

new iPhone ios17 (level 1627 "cornflower")

-Hungry Hatchling,

-Tap the Butterfly,

-Golden crowns (new today)

-Gold club (top prize 50 gold/50 player version)

-Candy Royale (once per week)

-top Win Streak: 1 colour bomb version

iPad ios17 (level 5616)

- Gold club (top prize 100 gold/25 player version) -

-Golden Crowns (new today)

- Candy Royale (once per week)

- top Win Streak: 2 colour bomb version

Would anyone like to share what events you have got?



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