How it come in this competition

HabooobHabooob Posts: 1
Frist has 1900 star how its come  in 3 days there is a bug check


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    This isn't the community for Candy Crush Saga.
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    Hello @Habooob and welcome to our vibrant Community :) I’ve just moved your post to the area dedicated to Candy Crush so other players can help you out ;) 

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    Hi @Habooob, you are now in the correct community!  King has changed that challenge from starting on a Wednesday when the new episode is released to now starting it on a Monday.  I understand what you are saying about first place being that high but I can tell you one thing - King frowns on cheaters.  They look into cheats and cheat engines but I do not know how much they can do about the individual players using these tools. I do know that in the challenges the reason why the rewards are not given straight away is because they review the accounts where players have cheated so they don't get the rewards.

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