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Gumball Machine Questions

itsEmma Posts: 276 Level 3

Hi everyone! I've tried to figure out how these new 'machines' operate, but keep losing count so I wondered if anyone has worked out; How many gumballs do they give out each time they're hit/how many in each machine? How many times do you hit one before it's destroyed? Do they change in anyway after each 'hit' ? They look the same to me but maybe I'm missing something!

It's so hard to keep track of them when they're part of an order level, but, maybe that's the idea... Unlike with frosting, bubble gum and the magic mixer, they don't seem to change until they blow up! Any insights would be really great, many thanks!


  • José_Savelkoul
    José_Savelkoul Posts: 555 Level 4

    Here's info I just found:

    Hitting a gumball machine will spawn one gumball, which will then be counted towards the gumball order. The gumball machine remains on the board until all gumball orders have been collected, then it disappears.

  • snakegore999
    snakegore999 Posts: 515 Level 3

    Gumball machines do not alter the board in any way when struck. They are simply blockers that must be hit from anywhere a certain number of times to dispense the indicated number of gumballs. Once the total number of hits on these machines exceeds the amount indicated in the objective at the start of the level, all gumball machines disappear for the rest of the level attempt because you don't need them anymore at that point.

  • itsEmma
    itsEmma Posts: 276 Level 3

    Hi @José_Savelkoul and @snakegore999, many thanks for taking the time to explain how they work!

    I initially thought they were like magic mixers that needed hitting to destroy them and the trick being not to destroy them too early before reaching the order.

    Now I see, like you've both said, the idea is actually to fulfil the gumball order first so that they disappear and open up the board, for example, for a dragon to drop.

    The in-game tutorial didn't really explain them so what you've both said is really helpful!

    Many thanks,


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