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So Done

girlfriends1952 Posts: 1 Newbie

After spending mega $$$$ I am done. They absolutely will not let me win another game unless I buy more help so after being so close to the final 5, I am out. It is all about $$$$ & has nothing to do with skill in the game & I wonder if there is really going to be a cash payout????



  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 15,289 Legend
    edited April 22

    Hello @girlfriends1952 it seems to be the case that the more you spend the more that King want you to spend.

    This is seen in the example they set with the advert. If you have adverts and buy something King immediately remove your adverts. The message from King is clear. If you spend then you will have to continue to spend.

    There never has and never will be any skill involved with the game. Unless you count realising when to use boosters and gold at the right time a skill

    Yes there will be a payout.

  • drahcir61
    drahcir61 Posts: 27 Level 2

    You're not alone, many of us feel screwed after spending money & then the game becomes harder or features you once had are now gone. I've only been playing 11 months but reached level 9464, averaging 250-300 wins per week, & before I cancelled I had won 464 consecutive episode races (that's 15 games to win an episode, & I won 464 consecutive!!!).

    I won the 1st & 2nd knockouts but then I spent $0.99 on 50 gold bars & a few inventory items, & then Treasure Hunt was gone (within hours of spending 99 cents). The levels became harder & with no way to replenish inventory I had two options … 1. keep playing & hope to win (unlikely) or 2. spend more money to buy gold bars & inventory.

    Well I'm not stupid, it's very clear that once you spend $$$ your account is flagged! It's automated algorithms that kick in. Your account is marked as someone who paid money & therefore likely to maybe spend more money, which is what they want.

  • Pyroyeti
    Pyroyeti Posts: 886 Level 3
    edited April 22

    The increase in difficulty is likely not due to your purchase. Not saying it is not possible but not something I have seen people say. It would cross into a pretty grey area legally speaking.

    Level difficulty will change:

    1. Monday to Sunday, getting harder each day.
    2. Events (King can make the game more difficult)
    3. Episodes, beyond actual visual level difficulties (suspected)
    4. Level groupings. ie 800-1200 is easier than 300-700.
    5. Candy Royal.
    6. Long Win Streaks.

    I would imagine the big thing is you are likely getting way less boosters so now really hitting the no streak/no booster brick wall.

  • drahcir61
    drahcir61 Posts: 27 Level 2

    Treasure Hunt & all other ads which would have replenished my inventory was terminated as soon as I made a $0.99 purchase. It wasn't 3 days or a week later, it was immediate. That's not a coincidence, the same thing has happened to other people.

    King is trying to make money, they have two revenue streams … commercial ads that pay-by-the-click, that's standard in the industry. The second revenue stream is users spending money. They also sell merchandise but that's a drop in the bucket.

    Once you pay them money, you're account is flagged. It's an automated process, that's not difficult to understand how or why. If you spent money they're hoping you'll be inclined to spend again.

    Unfortunately that logic is flawed, especially when they TAKE AWAY a feature that was available before you spent any money. Instead what they should do is continue to allow those features, Treasure Hunt, other ads, etc. Keep your customer happy, happy customers spend money. Unhappy customers will not spend money.

  • Jimmie70
    Jimmie70 Posts: 55 Level 2

    Exactly right! This some real bullcrap too. This Saga game, I thought, used to be somewhat fair. Not even close.

    Also how in heck were you able to buy 50 gold for .99 cents? It's at least 8 bucks on my screen every D time. Today I spent 16.41 fir 100 gold for them to pop up a "celebratory" offer of 200 for 19.99! It's not fair & complete bull crap.

    @Girlfriends1952 I totally agree! The game will decide if they let you pass a level. Then when you ask for help they give you some placebo tips to "help you" win. If you feel in anyway that they shld compensate for glitches or w.e. they grill you askin for video and or screenshot even tho they rake in billions God forbid they're kind and just say oh our bad here's some gifts. It's crazy. But also why they provide this massive "forum" you can't navigate so that we can "politely" complain. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😏😑☹️ if there's an emoji for disgusted lmk

  • haidagirl
    haidagirl Posts: 1 Newbie

    I recently received a $25 Mastercard gift card & thought I would use it towards boosters & few gold bars, now I've been stuck on the same level for a week because I don't have the opportunity to watch ads to gain more boosters. Is there a way to fix this? Or am I going to have delete this all together? That's how frustrating it's getting

  • LisaVella
    LisaVella Posts: 9 Level 2

    Wow ...You guys get to watch ads to get stuff???....The game gets harder the higher the Level....Ive never won more than 3 episode races and cant believe all of you have..…0.99 cent anything isnt available for me...I dont have ads at all thou and never have. As well updates and phone changes, certain accounts, beta testing etc all factor in game play. But im assuming like most digital games it will learn a rhythm. As well ive been stuck on a level for weeks maybe a month and never have i thought it was rigged.

  • lorieb4
    lorieb4 Posts: 34 Level 2

    Yeah, this site is horrible. If you’re looking for something specific you can’t find it. What site doesn’t have a search bar? I stopped paying when they put up levels that aren’t beatable. There is no video evidence of the level ever being beaten in a certain number of moves…and tired of being gaslit with their claims that they are. I’ve been on 15271 for a couple weeks.. I’m not gonna pass it without paying and if they want me to be stuck here it’s just the last they’ll see of my money.

  • ginaven1
    ginaven1 Posts: 1 Newbie

    The same exact thing has happened to me..after I spent all I could and ads were taken away I can't win. I am spent out and all that had taken the fun out of the game for me.

    Same exact thing happened to me no funinthe game now

  • bethe27
    bethe27 Posts: 14 Level 2
    edited April 23

    I have no complaints they have been good to me and I do spend a little money. If you keep playing the level and don't make it usually if you take a breather and step away and come back it gets a lot easier. It's only a game!!!! Everything will be ok!!!! But I love how passionate yall are! If I don't make it to the finals after the money I have spent at least I had fun doing it and I was passionate about winning for a while. Computer games are not perfect!

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