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Lovely Letters has gone

Lai_Man_LiewLai_Man_Liew Posts: 9 Newbie
edited February 2019 in Support
Hi, I used to have Lovely Letters on Monday but it has gone for two weeks. Any reason why?

I am playing the game on PC Win 7 facebook



  • SpacePhoenixSpacePhoenix Posts: 57 Level 3
    If you're referring to the "Valentines Day letters", i've not seen them now for over a week, don't know if King have removed them from the game
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  • Lai_Man_LiewLai_Man_Liew Posts: 9 Newbie
    This is from my wife account on PC win7 facebook.

  • tmwallacetmwallace Posts: 61 Level 3
    I've never seen the lovely letters on my game. How do you get them? Is it only for some people?
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