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empty build a bot on Mondays

AnnaErringtonAnnaErrington Posts: 21 Pro Player 👑
On behalf of many of my fellow candy crushers and myself.  Our full build a bots from the weekend and previous week goes empty on Monday morning.  Please fix this.  If we filled it with passing our levels we would appreciate to start with a full bot when the new release occurs on Wednesday


  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,498 Community Manager
    Hello @AnnaErrington welcome to our community. I am very sorry that the Build-A-Bot reset for you on Monday, I checked with our game team and an update was made on the 8th, this is what caused the reset. 

    This should not happen again. 

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  • mlaemlae Posts: 30 Level 2
    @Cezdiamond so we can play old lvls waiting for the new ones? Or that is still an issue?
  • SagaRSagaR Posts: 187 Level 3
    @Cezdiamond - excellent! I truly hope that is true. Just one question: how do I get back the approximately 200 purchased gold bars I used over 60 levels to make sure I did not lose the bot? The bot was emptied anyway so I used the money for no reason. Effectively, King stole it and defrauded me.
  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,498 Community Manager
    edited April 2019
    @mlae we are still looking into options around this at the moment. At present I believe it is only the current levels. 

    @SagaR I am really sorry about this, as I understand you received the Gold Bars and used them to progress through these levels? The Bot is an added feature and can be tested, or removed at any time. So I am sorry I do not think we can refund these Gold Bars for this reason. 

    However, we actually do not handle payments in the Community, and should you wish to speak with someone further please see our Blog here with a guide at the bottom as to who you need to contact. 

  • mlaemlae Posts: 30 Level 2
    @Cezdiamond thank you for info! I hope studio will make it possible to play old lvls without reseting bot. Otherwise all ppl who are at the top almost can't play and that makes no sense!
  • Mary_BanmanMary_Banman Posts: 33 Level 2
    Had a full bot yesterday and today logged into an empty bot again, this is  ridiculous it takes a lot to build this new one, just so you can take it away, to think I spent money not to lose it, no more money from me till you fix it @King
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