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Congratulations to Nek in the Space Race. Just one question. I was 1st, suddenly someone gets 7983?

SquirrelwifeSquirrelwife Posts: 19 Level 2
Just a question. Nek did a great job becoming first in Space Race. But often, the following happens. I am happy and humbled to be 1st, suddenly overnight someone scores thousand of points? It's a little disappointing not to see that person in the beginning.....It happens so often that i don't feel like playing that one anymore. Thanks

Best Answer


  • KhaosKhaos Posts: 527 Level 5
    Play level 3309. You can get hundreds or thousands. 

  • SquirrelwifeSquirrelwife Posts: 19 Level 2
    Thank you, but i can only dream of 3309 at this point! :) I am at 1935. Also, i still wonder why someone almost always shows up overnight in those space races just before the final with lots of points when that person hasn't been around for days. Oh well. Thanks anyway! Great going if U r at 3309!
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