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4999 Programming Error - Please Fix

Level 4999 appears to have a programming error.  The level requires you to clear the icing, along with collecting 12 red and 12 yellow candies.  The initial board gives you 24 "checked" candies to provide the red and yellows required.  However, opening the checked candies does not result in 12 red and 12 yellow candies.  It opens more candies of one color than the other, and then gives you the "Oops.  Level Failed!  Not enough order targets available" error.  If we are only given 24 checked candies, they need to provide the required candies to complete the level.  On a recent attempt, I had 4 reds left to collect; 4 checked candies on the board; opened them up to reveal 2 red and 2 yellow - then immediately got the "Oops Level Failed" message.  Using the checked candies booster at the beginning of the game is not an available option, or that could help as a work around.  As is, this level is nearly impossible to beat, unless you are the lucky person to not only clear the board, but to get the magic 12 red/12 yellow combo of candies.  Please fix this level.


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