nessinanessina Posts: 1
Troquei de aparelho. No dia antes de trocar estava com uma quantidade de boosters e 2 mensagens de recebimento  de vidas,  no outro dia depois da troca só restou 1 booster e ñ havia mais as mensagens.
Não ficam salvas na minha conta?


  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 8,690 Superstar
    Hi @nessina
    We would like to welcome you to the king community. Thank you so much for being willing to joining 😊

    Our community has given importance to English as the main language.
    This attempt for someone who can understand each other or explain their problems to others.You can use Google Translate to change the language. 
    Sorry, I'm closing the post 😭
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