Candy Crush Saga Level 4455

Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 410 ✭✭✭✭
I haven't posted for quite a while as I came to the view that it was a complete waste of time, however Level 4455 has compelled me to comment.
Was this level designed by a new, inexperienced member of the team because it certainly appears that way.
Absolutely ridiculous and to say amateurish is giving it a compliment.
Doesn't somebody check these levels before they are posted ?? Consistently 20 seconds to play a game before you are bombed out, surely that is not good for business or the consumer. At least you have no chance of spending money on extra moves or wasting boosters !!
I think this level should be replaced and the designer retrained !!


  • GranDianeGranDiane Posts: 3
    I totally agree. It's a really stupid level. I'm not wasting my time with it until they fix it.
  • mgonzalo66mgonzalo66 Posts: 8
    Very tough level. Hard to clear the bombs and get the keys in time.  Stuck on this one for quite a while now.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,611 Superstar
    Hi @Peter_Tomaros, @GranDiane and @mgonzalo66, all these higher levels usually require you to use boosters.  Here is a video showing how this video creator was able to clear it: 

  • Crusher777Crusher777 Posts: 3
    I completely agree with the comments regarding level 4455, it’s by far the worst level yet!  And the Tips & Tricks videos are totally ridiculous, all they do is show a video of the perfect board 🤨.   There’s only two ways to complete this level:  Have a ton of lollipops to smash the bombs and keys; or wait for the “perfect” sequence!    Totally frustrating and the type of level I will NEVER spend money to complete!  
  • MrsxMrsx Posts: 3
    I agree with the others according to level 4455. How can I do to fix gris level? It makes me fel quit to play. MrsX
  • KimbraileeKimbrailee Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Yup. Wasted space in cyber world. 9 square levels are a waste of time, energy, etc. It's bombed out, reshuffling, or bombed out, oh wait shuffling. I guess I need to grow up and get a life now.  Lately, the levels have gotten to where you HAVE to use three or more boosters per game and even then it's not guaranteed. My pocket book will be happier now.  I wonder if the world has changed in eight years since I've been glued to this game.. Hmmm. I guess I'm going to find out. Wish me luck. I'm outta here. 
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  • How do I recover my level 
  • KimbraileeKimbrailee Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Have you tried signing in to your account? Sometimes your device will sign you out. See if that helps. 
  • Paikia69Paikia69 Posts: 1
    GranDiane said:
    I totally agree. It's a really stupid level. I'm not wasting my time with it until they fix it.
    They should name this level the: buy booster level. Not ‘nightmarishly hard level’ lol
  • bballjer44bballjer44 Posts: 4
    This level is 100% luck. No strategy, no action. Hard levels are frustrating but why would you keep a level that bombs out in at most 20 seconds? 20 seconds times 5 tries and I'm done with Candy Crush for the day. Sounds like a marketing nightmare to me. 
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