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Sugar Drops Disappear = not sweet anymore

Sparkle-2Sparkle-2 Posts: 13 Newbie
My sugar drops disappeared around mid May or so. I thought there was some testing etc. Nothing returned. Are we living without sugar drops now? Not cool! 
If that is so it will be a great way of getting de-addicted to Candy Crush. I am on level 4000+. Without sugar drops it is no fun - no more getting that satisfaction of getting candy and relishing the moment. Maybe soon it is time to say goodbye Candy Crush. You give something and take it away = not cool at all.


  • Joe000Joe000 Posts: 42 Level 2
    I believe The King has returned Sugar Drops to his subjects.  We believe it was a test to see if they could make CCS the same as the King games. Pay to play. 
    Check out “Keep Sugar Drops” to see the comments. 
  • Sparkle-2Sparkle-2 Posts: 13 Newbie
    Hey Joe000 - The King has not returned levels where I can score Sugar Drops - they apparently returned this to some of their subjects! Not all. They must have their criteria, or maybe its just random. Who knows what The King thinks!
    I cannot see "C" anywhere on the game - what we see for playing for boosters. 
  • Sparkle-2Sparkle-2 Posts: 13 Newbie
    Phew! The game is like an arid, dry land, devoid of any motivating rewards now. Sucks! 
    Not sure what the game coders are planning, but the fun element has been completely stripped off. 
    Good luck to people who are reaching levels that keep getting increasingly hard. (I have to admit that when I was getting boosters I ended up buying boosters to keep moving ahead in the game - but now, no boosters means you are anyway not getting ahead, so stay away from the game and save money).
    Are the other game "addicts" thinking the same? Curious to know.
  • Lynn_KalbfleischLynn_Kalbfleisch Posts: 32 Level 2
    I lost my sugar drops today on my iPad. Still have on iPhone.
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