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Timed Sugar Drops



  • SaskiaSaskia Posts: 10 Level 2
    I don't think they read comments at all, looking at how long a thread like this has been up. I'm very disappointed that they are so cheap these days with that they only give timed boosters, that often even don't apply to the level you're playing. A lot of fun has been taken out of this game
  • Brian_TateBrian_Tate Posts: 63 Level 3
    Saskia said:
    I don't think they read comments at all, looking at how long a thread like this has been up. I'm very disappointed that they are so cheap these days with that they only give timed boosters, that often even don't apply to the level you're playing. A lot of fun has been taken out of this game
    Nothing like being at the top and getting a timed booster you can't use!
  • Charly-4Charly-4 Posts: 47 Level 2
    My sugar drops disappeared for weeks and then randomly reappeared for ONE DAY and then disappeared again.  For the one day they showed up, it was still the COMPLETELY USELESS timed rewards.  I was given three timed rewards for 15 minutes each and had no lives left for 30 minutes so that was a waste. The level I was on couldn't have used two of the rewards any how.  Typical King scam.
  • MinniNMinniN Posts: 2 New Bee
    Part of the reason I don't have this on my phone is that I don't like the timed boosters. I just want a break and I want to play for 5 min and not get sucked in for 30 min. This is making me want to stop playing this game.
  • JasminaJasmina Posts: 85 Level 3

    I agree with that!!! I have I Phone 7, my husband begin to Play before about 2 month; and I Play almost 7-8 month. It’s true, he woke up in the morning & immediately start to Play, He playing for sure 4-5-6 h!!!
    He’s  c r a z Y  ! ! !
    I must do higiene first( + brush my teeth, clean my face & soak with miricle masks. That’s the moment no.2, who every “normal” women must do every morning! Of course, with out men. Their voices, loud words, who is “Non that loud!”, mokery. In some moments, I did really think that I dodn’t have that value, like he...😊...that’s so stupid & funny,because I have a very big( no Like Sharon Stone,or Dr.Einstein but pretty cool 4 me. Because of that I didn’t, I don’t, & certenly ne
  • JasminaJasmina Posts: 85 Level 3
    I agree with lady who comment about different mobile phones between she& her husband. She has I Phone 7(just Like me!),and husband has...I don’t know( any other phone!). He always has competitions before her. And he almost always End that competition, and She has comp. so many long time of he. The same situation is with my hiusband & me. How can that ‘s possible?!!!
  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 42 Level 2
    edited December 2019
    Hello bearwithme. Don't think the CC programmer efficient anymore. They not able to fix the problem. This talk about wanting us to enjoy the game is **EDIT: RUDE**. They are taking the joy out of playing by introducing timed sugar drops. As there are so many complaints over 2 months and nothing is done just reflect on their attitude. Sorry to say 
  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 42 Level 2
    Just as I am getting used to the time sugar drops,King dropped another bombshell  Now if I choose a game that I would like to play but decided not to play it, I immediately lose the game and the hard earned candies with it.  There are almost 6000 games and if we remember the Wrong game number we want to play we are unable to reset without losing the game  This feature only appears  2 days ago. Looks like King is penalising us for choosing the wrong game to play.  ie King is taking away our right to choosing the game we want to play by penalising us. 
    Can King comment on this new policy.. 
  • Brian_TateBrian_Tate Posts: 63 Level 3
    edited December 2019
    **EDIT: RUDE** this game i am done, timed sugar drop have ruined the game and the **EDIT: RUDE** that invented this to make a few bucks has turned off its oldest players not spending a dime to play, if you can't stock boosters you can't beat some of the boards made it to 5863 now throwing in the towel.  The game is NOT fun anymore 
  • Jackie_CoeJackie_Coe Posts: 64 Level 3
    To Ah-kwang
    I lost the ability, along with many others, to reset over twelve months ago.  There was a very lengthy thread at the time, resulting exactly as this timed sugar drop has done.........absolutely nothing and no real response from King.  It appears that once again some have and some haven’t got any different changes that King dish out at any time.
  • mamacathymamacathy Posts: 93 Level 3
    Have not played ccs for a few weeks...sure saw a lot of comments regarding sugar drops when I returned. Sorry guys. Not sure how to help. Are we still allowed to exit a game without losing a life? 
  • Fr_CaymanFr_Cayman Posts: 63 Level 3
    It is all becoming a bunch of b.s.  This has been going on for many months now.  Many many months.  PICK some things and STICK to them.  Nothing worse than a game that is always changing what is to be expected.  Heck, the 'climb the beanstock' is there for two days, gives you a timer for 24 hrs but then disappears.  Then the build-a-bot changes to space dash.  Then back to build-a-bot.  Now the one thing that has been around since the beginning is capping you off at 5 per level.  Just waiting for the Fab five and whatever else to start doing the King 'vanishing act'. STOP!!!!  Level 5130 and about to walk away from EVERYTHING KING.  King, if you don't know what the players want by now then you haven't been listening.  GREAT marketing plan.

    I actually believe they are getting tired of having to create new levels for players and are trying to slow people at the top levels down.  imo
  • Jackie_CoeJackie_Coe Posts: 64 Level 3
    Totally and utterly agree with Fr Cayman, talk about making it up as you go along.....and then changing it AGAIN!
    Just wish that there could be a real response from King......but then again!!
    Why on earth do we still bother?.......
  • Marion_HarrisonMarion_Harrison Posts: 8 Level 2

    i agree just about had enough, i realise its all you guys making money but not everyone can afford to buy,  so sick of all the changes especially  just lately,  getting ready to pack up and leave

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