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Which level is the sweetest? Vote, comment and win Gold Bars!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,525 Community Manager
edited March 2020 in Discussions
With over 6000 levels in the game all of us have some levels and game features that we love and others that are more... hmm... let's say a bit bitter sweet or more of a salty liquorice character. You know what I mean.

We have chosen five different Nightmarishly Hard Levels and would like to hear from you which one you like the most? Which level is the most entertaining and has the tasty mix of sweetness and challenge? 

Vote on your favourite level and comment also here below why you voted on that specific level. We want to hear your thoughts.  

On the top of that! You can also win Gold Bars by playing the levels. 

Take a screen shot of your level score when you complete it and post the score on the level's own page in the Contest area. We will pick one random winner on each level that will win 15 Gold Bars. If you play all five levels you'll have the chance to win five times! To get the chance to win Gold Bars, you will need to post the score before 4 March 2020. 

To get straight to the Contest Area and the level pages to post your score, click on the levels here:  

 Level 232 

 Level 720

 Level 1460

 Level 2145

 Level 3041

Remember to vote and post all feedback here, but the level scores in order to win Gold Bars in the Contest area only!

Which level is the sweetest? Vote, comment and win Gold Bars! 86 votes

SpinnifixPitty_KittyMo123bollalaszlo50Luicziggy53malloriemomof388dreamgirl1aracelyEvbochumer90 11 votes
shirleegMaria_Colellakiara_waelDoubleB423DeepshikhaSharanBettsAbhinavSargarnormstormمحمداللاذقيmarielaureksilva1330mseidmanmelodisemoriartymary89moranvanessa789DoraibiapinoAndreaSingh23Loule 18 votes
Ter110149SupriyaVpompamandy1983RDSheikhعصامshikha95Gandzia666nibs1catmagsCasi1190azukhaancritianecosta4773luardelopejuan_car_losBubblemeister1968Jutka 16 votes
Werner_CichyAline_PiresLaura69Flanjenzampella1cassandraacobmfm1197LaceyBeanmirjanhellboy1969brenda06dannymarcadinamahmouddesire95Wendy50Yauni 16 votes
CandyGodbearwithmeEpc23satnamD_LISIUSNmcbride1Amal78[Deleted User]palankomalscandymimi1954Nancy31DinahgrrukitoCinderella1128rkchadalavadamilkmadeRedTrottervilasbhojanearaza 25 votes


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