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Quiz 1 = How much do you love Candy crush?

Harrypotter Posts: 150 Level 2
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Hi crushers this is quiz one if you want personal quizzes sent to you by me ( by private texting or you and a group of other players of your choose) tag my name in the comments then write private text or if you want to suggest more quiz ideas tag my name and your idea. So OK here we go with the 1st quiz.

How much do you love Candy crush?

1. How long have you been playing candy crush? A). 1 year and under B). 2-4 years C). Over 5 years

2. How many times a day do you play Candy crush? A). About 30 mins B). 1 hour C). Over 2 hours

3. Have you recommended Candy Crush to anyone? A). No. B). I might C). Of course!

OK for a starter we only done 3 questions but I hope you enjoyed it and will do more questions in the next quiz keep looking out for it and remember post your ideas or private text me. Here are the results!

Mostly As = You don't love candy crush as much but that's because your either just started or your not really playing. My advice keep playing Candy crush as you'll live it much more then take this quiz again and see how much you love Candy crush!

Mostly Bs = Your a big fan with no doubt. My advice... Your spending a lot of hours on candy crush and you've been on it for a while but what to do is to recommend ( if I've got this wrong with you just try and mix it up like you can spend more hours/days on candy crush and that should then be your answer same with Mostly As and Cs coming up).

Mostly Cs = your an amazing fan you play lots you recommend! There's a good candy crush future for you I can tell THAT! (Again you can mix up if needed)

Thank you for participating in this quiz and remember to look out for the 2nd one any way bye for now @Harrypotter



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