Candy Crush Saga Level 6798



  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 160 Level 2

    Johnny_Crush got it and passed it.

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  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 11,032 Community Manager

    Level 6798 got fixed last night.

    Happy crushing!

  • cobwellaccobwellac Posts: 51 Level 2

    My app was updated April 9 and I just got to this level. As soon as I start the level, I get the "oops" message. It's not fixed!! Is anyone else having a problem here?

  • MarieselMariesel Posts: 80 Level 3

    Yes I'm having the same problem. I was playing it earlier with no problem, but now it's saying Oops not enough orders.

  • MarieselMariesel Posts: 80 Level 3

    The target has changed to 125 - I think it was 142 or 147 before.

    There does not appear to be an update in the Microsoft Store.

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