My game is experiencing major glitches, is there some way to fix it without restarting completely?

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I’m in the level 500s right now and went to play the other day and it kept bringing me all the way to the top of the game. I wasn’t able to play unless I scrolled all the way down to my levels. Then, I later noticed I have over 1,000,000 boosters right now for some which definitely isn’t right because I know I only have four for most of them and no more than 12 for others. I’ve also lost all of my normal boosters along with this. Plus, it gives me ALL boosters for every game I play when I’m not even choosing anything and it also doesn’t take away lives from me anymore. This is making the game really easy and boring and I don’t know how to fix it nor do I even try to play when it makes me scroll down thousands of levels to get to play. Is there anyway to fix this glitch without having to restart from level 1 again?


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    Hello @molly2357 and welcome to our wonderful King Community. I am sorry to hear you are having this problem. Sounds like you definitely have a glitch in your game. First of all the game shouldn't be taking you beyond your most current level. In Candy Crush Saga - there is a tear drop with your icon inside it which should take you too your most recent level. I have found that it works to take me back down to where I am or up to where I am when I am playing the game. Do you not have this feature?

    However - you obviously have more issues than this one. Try clearing your cache and making sure you have the most up to date version of the game. Then exit the game and shut your device for 15-20 seconds, the restart your device and reopen the app and see if that has cleared the problem up.

    If it hasn't - then you will probably need to de-install and re-install the app but that means you will lose any saved lives and boosters - including those 1,000,000 you currently have and will have to start from scratch building them up again. Make sure you are playing either thru FB or before you de-install - that way if for some reason you lose your current level - player support can restore it for you..

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