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Forum improvements: New Editor, Reactions, Badges and more!

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 1,930 Community Manager
edited February 3 in Discussions

Dear community,

As you might have already noticed, know, we now have a bunch of new things on the Community and we hope that it makes the experience better for you all!

  • New forum structure: we have now 6 main categories (a dedicated one for contests!)
  • Announcement: highlighted! The pinned community threads (announcement) at the very top are now more visible!
  • New Editor:

You can now hyperlink from your mobile, tag everyone without having to try 10 times, and a few more things. If you have any questions as regards to its use and features, please let us know!

For example, just in case you guys are looking for it, the 'Spoiler' button is now here:

Also, how to hyperlink?

  • New Reactions and Badges

We have replaced Insightful by Helpful and Hehe by Haha. And we have added new ones, like: Sassy and Love.

Reactions do not give points anymore but they'll allow you to collect badges which give points.

What do you think of all these changes? Let us know below!

Have a delicious and see you all around the forum.

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