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Build A Bot: Death of a Membership

isaiah41vrs10isaiah41vrs10 Posts: 30 Level 2

As we've all been told, the 'powers that be' at King have ended our discussion about Build A Bot.  The discussion may have been closed, but the sentiment cannot be so easily dismissed.  Here are my parting thoughts...

Although Build A Bot may not have been originally intended to function as it had been, the fact is that is how it was functioning and that is how players such as myself came to know and play the game.  I would like to point a similar 'not how this was originally intended to be' and that is the number of lives necessary to pass a single level.  I have a very hard time believing that King intended for it to take 30, 40 and even 50+ lives to advance once a player reaches the 3000s and higher, without use of boosters - purchased and/or earned.  The loss of additional moves and boosters due to the elimination of Build A Bot leave the purchase of boosters as the only true means of advancing, especially on levels such as Nightmarishly Hard.

I was not opposed to the purchase of boosters to supplement my play as there were in-game features such as Build A Bot.  I probably spent $40 - $50 USD each month.  However, with purchase as my only real option, I reject being backed into that.  So, just as I left pogo over similar issues, so too am I now leaving CCS.  I have not purchased anything from King for two months and that is how I will continue.  So very sad.

If King thinks playing the same level ad nauseam and getting nowhere is relaxing and enjoyable, then we have very different opinions on what relaxing and enjoyable mean.  On a brighter note, I have since donated my dollars that I had been using to play the game to local charities:).

Blessings to all, Wendi 

@Spieler_8675309 @Bounce777


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