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Candy Crush Saga Boosters: Tell us what you think!



  • ErlynebcErlynebc Posts: 31 Level 2

    I love party booster it can easily finish up what is remaining and it helps me a lot especially on difficult levels. I also like lollipop hammers but only when i have one or two last moves.

    well, in general I like all of them, whatever i can get is always helpful for me. The Most important for me is lives so that I can play my favorite Candy Crush Saga every time 🤗🇹🇷 .

  • Von_3Von_3 Posts: 496 Level 3

    The party booster is probably the only one you will ever get unless you spend 29 gold bars to buy it. I played for many years and never got one.

  • ErlynebcErlynebc Posts: 31 Level 2

    Really? Well, I got Party boosters for free. when I’ve made it to level 5000 and 6000. Otherwise I don’t think I will use my gold to buy it. 😊

  • Dani_ela355Dani_ela355 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Estoy en el nivel 4062 acá no se refleja porque está Guardado con mi cuenta de Facebook

  • ErlynebcErlynebc Posts: 31 Level 2

    Mine too is connected with Facebook

  • gegangegan Posts: 25 Level 2


    I love how you ask such insightful questions to make Candy Crush better for us Crushers!

    Which boosters do you never use?

    > Free Switch: switching candies is not that strategically beneficial

    >Jelly Fish: the jellies are eaten at random which subverts its strategic benefit

    Do you understand the different functionalities and the best ways to of all these Boosters? 

    >Color Bomb: allows you to start your level with a color bomb already present on the playing board which can be extremely useful which requires a great deals of color bombs

    >Party Booster: special trivia is that this is the only booster that has the word booster in its name. It clears the board when activated, akin to a cake bomb explosion and creates special candies. Its effectiveness as a strategic tool is extremely high.

    > UFO: a rare booster that can zap the game board by creating three wrapped candies that explode. It does not actually place the UFO on the board for you to see but instead simulates what you would see as a result instead.

    >Lollipop Hammer: Allows you to crush anything you like. Best to save them as long as you can. It is one of the best boosters. It is also quite expensive.

    >Lucky Candy: a so-so booster depending on what surprise candy you recieve upon crushing the candy. Usually, you will get a striped candy or a wrapped candy.

    >Coconut Wheel: a great booster for levels in which you need striped candies because it injects three striped candies before going on to crush all three of them. The good thing is a you can get it generally quite easily during the Daily Booster.

    >Free Switch: allows you to switch two candies that don't match but will still allow you to switch two candies that do in fact match. It is somewhat uncommon booster. 

    >Jelly Fish: adds jelly fish to the board which, when activated, summons three jelly fish that will go ahead to gobble up jelly at random. This is best used for jelly levels, towards the end of a level for jelly you are having trouble getting to.

    >Striped & Wrapped: booster starts the level off with a striped and wrapped candy already on the board. This one isn't worth paying for because you can make the same thing with combinations. Best used on levels with a small board.

    >Striped Brush: allows you to transform any standard candy immediately into a striped candy and also choose the direction of the stripes. This is a relatively rare booster.

    Do you prefer boosters in other games and think they'd work well in Candy Crush Saga?

    My favorite is the Supersonic Lolly which is available in Candy Crush Soda Saga because it is a very unique and extreme strength booster because it destroy all layers of the visible board and spread that behavior on the tile. The graphics are super special.

    If you could create a new booster - what would it do?

    A Birthday Cake Booster that is awarded on the crusher's anniversary of first playing the game or on their birthday. The Birthday Cake would explode on screen, with fragments resulting in candy being crushed/combined as little cake pieces that will be gobbled up by jellyfish which are the guests attending the birthday to celebrate!


  • fizaaafizaaa Posts: 30 Level 2

    Of the boosters that are more available, I like the UFO the best because it almost always helps me complete a level. However, the party booster may be the most useful one of all, but I think I've only gotten it twice, when I hit one of the earlier milestones and tonight when I hit 7K. It would be nice if there were more opportunities to win the party booster. I only have so many gold bars to use!

  • Dani_ela355Dani_ela355 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Quiero más vidas siempre quedo con ganas de.mas

  • ErlynebcErlynebc Posts: 31 Level 2

    For me I don’t use much and most of the time wasting the striped brushed booster. I don’t know, But maybe I didn’t know how to use it properly 😁. (What ashamed) because I just hit it without knowing if it will work vertically or horizontally.

    And about the suggestion of a booster, sorry but I forgot how candy crush Soda and Friend’s boosters works. ✌️🇹🇷🤗

  • Valeria_123456Valeria_123456 Posts: 30 Level 2

    Hola ! El mejor booster es el martillo de piruleta , siempre me saca de apuros ! Es mi mejor aliado 😉🍭

  • Valeria_123456Valeria_123456 Posts: 30 Level 2

    Hola , también depende mucho del nivel , si es de bajar frutas utilizo mucho la rueda de coco , si es de gelatina los peces de gominola nunca fallan !

    Saludos desde Argentina !

  • KingSlayer23KingSlayer23 Posts: 77 Level 3

    @Erlynebc: the striped candy either has vertical stripes or horizontal stripes. vertical stripes means the booster will work vertically.... conversely, horizontal stripes means the booster will work horizontally

  • cutiesexycutiesexy Posts: 64 Level 3
  • ErlynebcErlynebc Posts: 31 Level 2

    I know dear, maybe I just don’t give attention. Sometimes I’m feeling hopeless and just use whichever especially when I’m stressed out. This game gives me some ways to switch mind.

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