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Space race adds new player in the final hours with no chance to win!

DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

I have been playing the space race for the last few days and had a nice little competition with another player trading 1st place back and forth. No problem. No one else on the chain was close and we are both well over 2000 points. Then in the last hour (with 14 hours left) a new player (Maria) pops on with 11,530 points! In ONE HOUR. That is not even possible! I don't mind a legitimate competition but mixing up the players in the final hours to prevent the leaders from winning is BS! Come on guys. Is this really just about ticking off your regular players...you know, those people who watch the ads that are one of your major revenue sources? Your business model is flawed. Now that you have made bonuses so hard to get, I will continue to play until I run out of my cache. I am one of the few who has passed level 7000 so I have been at this for a while. But each week becomes less fun. The build a bot is a joke and well...you know the rest.


  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,472 Community Manager

    Hi @DiDag !

    I completely understand that these players with incredible scores can ruin the fun and fair game.

    Unfortunately some players use cheating engines or hacking tools to get these results. This is not illegal, but surely not fair play.

    The Game Team is aware of these "cheaters" but at the moment there is no solution for this.

    These cheat tools usually mess up the game in the end so the players that use these will most likely not be able to play after a while.

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  • NenikapakiNenikapaki Posts: 31,640 Level 5

    There are engine cheats for those who know how. Cheating on games is not exciting. There would be no fun ..

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    Shows how naiive I am. I had never heard of a cheat engine. I am still not sure how it works or what it does but that really sucks. I am currently in #1 position again and in a competition with other players. I will see if it happens again. If so, I won't waste time trying to play these games as it is a waste of lives.

  • NenikapakiNenikapaki Posts: 31,640 Level 5

    Hello@DiDag . I am naive on that too. Perhaps this is how it works. Just crush and crush. Honest game pays more boosters.. Happy Crushing ..

  • HamsikaHamsika Posts: 95 Level 2

    That is just messed up... Why would someone cheat and ruin the experience for everyone and gain nothing in return.

    Hope we can find a solution for this

    I have been wondering why this happens too

    Keep crushing

    Be safe

  • Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5

    I can never understand what satisfaction cheats get out of it other than to brag to their friends who probably know they are cheats anyway. But it is possible to score those points in an hour if you take a look at what our superstar @Foley1362 did in half an hour by hitting the right level at the right time.

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