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Good Morning King Community.. Just wanted to wish you all a most wonderful day! Apologies for my not being around. between the snow storm last month, the power outages, taking on a larger class load , and my husband and my self getting sick, it has been a very wild ride. Heck this all sounds like excuses and it will probably be taken that way by many. I can respect that. All I can do is express my apologies and put forth my wishes for the best for each of you! Many blessings and have a most wonderful week, everyone! πŸ’œ


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  • hi @Reshma_Shaikh , it's a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to our sweet community!!! We are trilled to see your spectacular game play in Candy Crush!!! Extraordinary!!! Your current level enables you to claim a collection community level badges for beating certain levels of Candy Crush .The first one beign a Level " 1000 "…
  • Hi @bobbysqueen "Ton" it's a pleasure to meet you!!! Welcome to our sweet community!!! We are so glad to have you hear with us!! Don;t worry about not being to sure of what to do .. when I first came here, it took me about a week to get used where everything is. Let's get you acquainted with the lay of the land ... you…
  • Good Afternoon, King Community!!!! Happy Tuesday to you all!!! And a Grand welcome to all of our new members!!! @Hellsbadass Welcome!!We are so glad to have you here with us!!! Where are you from and what is your favorite King game? @Sonrinha , it's a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to our sweet community!!! We thank you for…
  • Many blessings to you upon your 1st Anniversary @Sofia1992 !!!!! Here's to many more!!!!πŸ’œ Thanks for the tag Sofia and @Diamond Lim !!!
  • @bearwithme yes,I finished my assignment and then it stormed again... I have one more assignment for the week plus a quiz thank god i have until sunday!!! more rain today.plus an eye doctor trip.. I have to look at the bright light... lol.. at least this guy is having more fun than I will be ... πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜†β€¦
  • @Anahita_2005 what a wonderful discussion!!! And thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim I love to read but right now it is only textbooks mostly. I do have have an interesting one i am reading currently ( not a textbook) that is a self - help book. A most interesting discussion!! Thanks again for starting it @Anahita_2005 !!!…
  • @MightyWolf you look like you need some help there .. if I can ever figure out how to stop this crazy thing i will come save you!!! Have a most wonderful Night , everyone!! See you tomorrow!!
  • LOL @frenioz00 I am dying ... πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜† yes tht is SO me... I is trying to get assignment done before next storm hits.. thank god there's only one more day of storms ... Am off to finish assignment and cook dinner!! Many blessings to you all and have a most wonderful night!see you all in the morning!!! πŸ’œ
  • Thank you @frenioz00 , I appreciate that .. Sorry but we got a thunderstorm rolling in and I don't keep the "precious" on during lightning .. Too scared this will be it's fate if I did.. 😱😱 If that happened I would be miserable!!! 😭 See you guys ian few hours , stay safe and have a most wondrous afternoon!!!
  • I shall be back King Community ... There is a big thunderstorm rolling in.. I don't keep the "Precious" on when there is lightning. Because I am scared it may do this .... 😱😨😲 HAve a wonderful rest of the morning, King Community ..see you all later!!
  • hi @AnnHarold a grand welcome to you!! We are so glad you have joined our community!!! Here is a map created by our superstar Elsa that will aid you in traveling the candy -paved road of our community. DO holler if you ever find yourself lost, stuck or if you just want to chat, an amazing community member, manager,…
  • A grand welcome to you , @criscount Of Montrose ,Colorado!!! It is wonderful to meet you and your West Highland Terrier, Duncan McCloud!! I am a fellow Candy Crush Friends Addict who resides in Texas. I am also King community expert who frequents this " Just Say Hi Board " as well as the CCFS community. That is awesome to…
  • hi @nurulmukhtar , a grand welcome to you! We are so glad you have joined us!!! We are just thrilled to learn of your love of King games!!! What game is your favorite and what level are you on? @johamilton good morning to you!!! I hope your Wednesday is spectacular!!! I got coffee and Donuts , everyone!!!!

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