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addym Newbie


  • I also had the same glitch on level 10673, then, having recovered my streak, it was lost again because of the fault with level 10678. As this was out of my control, I also would request reinstatement of the winning streak I had.
  • Hi, was wondering if, when the problem with level 6765 is resolved, will those players who have used bonuses and lost the buildabot because of the glitch be 'reimbursed'?
    in Level 6765 Comment by addym April 2020
  • I agree with the comments regarding the timed boosters now obtained by the sugar drop challenge. They are of no value whatsoever whilst the previous system of collecting the bonuses allowed the choice of usage plus that bonus would reappear during the course of the level. The timed ones occur once. Further, it would appear…
  • I agree with Alleri, surely the boosters should be available for all players to use as before rather than this preclusion of participants who are waiting for new levels. The incentive to play has certainly been removed and I do hope these boosters will be restored to the original format allowing everyone their usage via…

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