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horrorqueen Level 2


  • 12004 moves have been reduced and now no way to pass it. I’ve used boosters and the ice cream truck thing…. Still get nowhere near it. Very frustrating, got so far then hit a wall. Standard King move… I won’t be buying coins..I’ll just wait until you sort it out.
  • Don't get anywhere near completing this level... ridiculous! So many obstacles and 18 moves... nope.
  • Also not receiving lives. I have a decent amount of friends that regularly send Lives and vice versa. I get very few requests and even less lives sent to me. This is causing me to fall behind on the leader boards and I’m struggling in completions as I have to wait 30 minutes one measly life. fix it now … and some…
  • Urgh with great difficulty. In the end I waited until i had about 30 whatever they are things left and had to use 10 gold bars for 35 extra moves and a spaceship :-(
  • 11860 is another example of Candy Crush developers putting money before players. Utterly impossible to complete now without gold or boosters. However I haven't updated the app on my apple device and its showing 40 yellows with 21 moves, I get closer to completing it than on my android device but still stuck. SORT IT…
  • 11548- 143 jellys to clear. 6 snakes, 5 locked keys plus bubble gum to burst... 18 Moves!!!!!! Absolute con. Can't get anywhere near it- now accumulating extra moves but no way am I paying for gold. This level needs reporting. Worst bunch of levels I've ever come across, someone needs sacking over these.
  • 11539 is terrible... again the creators have made an impossible to beat without boosters level . I have at least 100 jellys left at the end, and I'm not using anymore boosters or gold- if I'm stuck on this forever so be it. All these levels are so hard, I've gone from 400 gold to 100 trying to through these. Close to…
  • Agree that this level is another one created to use boosters and gold. King have turned this game into a money grabbing outfit. I'm not using anything now... if I'm stuck here for weeks... so be it.
  • These levels are awful… 11488 is impossible on so few moves, most all of the levels on this board are forcing you to use boosters or gold to pass them. Confirmed by the race - no one is moving very fast through it compared to previous boards where it was actually a race. Whoever has designed these either hasn’t played them…
  • Still not fixed. Unless you’re willing to buy or waste 6 hammers all other boosters and extra moves are pointless, even starting with fish won’t work. I don’t understand how simply removing 2 jelly’s is taking so long. I’m losing all my progress in competitions and weekly contest and therefore losing boosters and rewards.…
  • Also stuck here… tried across multiple ways of playing and is the same across all platforms. They seem in no rush to fix a seemingly easy problem… just get rid of the 2 jelly’s. hopefully I won’t loose my place in the weekly contest as now unable to pass new levels. I agree that compensation is needed, utter shambles.
  • Still not fixed. No way to beat unless with hammers or 6 x mixing 2 colourbombs , but with limited moves this would be near impossible also. Have tried on pc and mobile modes and is the same across all platforms. Candy Crush in no rush to fix… and don’t buy extra moves or power ups as it won’t help. Starting with fish…
  • 10153... terrible level, I've never been stuck so long on one level can't get anywhere near completing it.
  • Hi everyone, long time player, first time forumer. Have gotten through to the next round but nothing is showing on my game. Just wondering what I'm missing, I've done the usual complete a level restart the app etc and nothing.

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