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Feedback on levels 11 511 - 11 555!



  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,828 Level 5

    Hi@Crazy Cat Lad Once again it's really good news for those stuck on or just approaching 11530 and 11539 that the levels will be changed to a slightly easier version. But again there are many of us who struggled and used gold bars and boosters. I'm not asking for anything back as to start with I know we won't get anything, also it is our choice to keep playing this now very difficult tiresome game.

    But I am now 2 levels away from 11554 which as you can see from comments is another nightmare. I also have many friends not part of King Community who said it is ridiculous. They said moves reduced from 32 to 20 and different design making it more difficult.

    Any chance of this being looked at and changed for the better before the many of us approaching reach it.

    I can't believe the amount of levels in the last 2 episodes requiring gold bars and lots of boosters.

    Please ask King to look at level 11554 and change back to 32 moves even if they're not prepared to put the design back to the easier version.

    Thank you.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 191 Level 2

    The point I'm making is they can and will continue to make the game ( levels ) as easy or as hard as they want.

    Moves obviously are the big issue but how many times has a level finished itself after many tries ?

    How many times are you left with one move to complete but don't have one .... But are enticed to continue by " Buying " extra.

    The whole game now is orientated on making money. You yourself may say your not spending any but plenty are.

    Most players at the top are dwindling their supplies that they had accumulated during the good days because they are not getting the chance to replenish them with in game bonuses etc.

    Episode race wins are rare.

    Chocolate box gold only reaps 10 gold bars.

    All the goodies have been taken away....Sugar drops and F5 to name but a couple.

    Anyone at the top will struggle to keep up there without gold and gold is King ( Note the pun )

    All the stuff they try to sell ie 6 hrs of this and that is useless because the levels now are so unachievable without accumulating extra moves and paying for them.

    How many levels have 20 moves ?

    You cannot design so many levels around 20 moves .... This is an arbitrary number given to a lot of levels to make them impossible

    Unbelievable .... Every time you come to a new level and it has 20 moves ..... Instant p****d off syndrome kicks in.

    The moderators or admin' just do not do they're job ( For the players ).

    Anyway the fun has gone out the game its just a routine of smashing candies ( If you can be bothered) aimlessly on most levels until extra moves are achieved.

  • horrorqueen
    horrorqueen Posts: 16 Level 2

    11548- 143 jellys to clear. 6 snakes, 5 locked keys plus bubble gum to burst... 18 Moves!!!!!! Absolute con. Can't get anywhere near it- now accumulating extra moves but no way am I paying for gold.

    This level needs reporting. Worst bunch of levels I've ever come across, someone needs sacking over these.

  • KessyH
    KessyH Posts: 49 Level 2

    The whole thing here is just the total joke and rip off

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,828 Level 5

    Level 11554: I've reached it and played it a few times. Classed as a Super Hard level so we all know that means extra moves. Definitely can't be done without extra moves, if you tried you'd have to use too many boosters.

    If you've got 10 gold bars you will need them, if you haven't let's hope it gets changed soon.

  • Cat512
    Cat512 Posts: 16 Level 2

    11548 - as it is said above- completely ridiculous with 18 moves!

  • ElenaVioleta
    ElenaVioleta Posts: 22 Level 2
    edited April 2022

    * 😔 *

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  • mimikri
    mimikri Posts: 14 Level 2
    Why is it starting again now? I really have no nerve for rip-offs anymore. Why is there 27 moves and now only 20. I pay to advance and the next levels are just as bad. Chill out - play Candy hahahaha do you want to annoy yourself - play Candy.
    Dear King, that's not how you make friends.

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