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nflom Level 2


  • Thank you. I downloaded the Candy Crush app and tried it out, but it didn't carry forward any of the lives donated by my friends, for some reason. Since the game appeared to be substantially the same as it was on Facebook, and Facebook has my lives, I am back on Facebook.
  • Thank you so much! I had no idea that there was a version of Candy Crush Soda outside of Facebook. The app in Windows is so much better than it is in Facebook. Is this also true of Candy Crush, or are the games the same?
  • Thanks for the reply. I don't know if there are any openings on my team. I used it to give and request lives, but apparently I use the Social Hub now. If I download the Microsoft app for Windows, will I retain my progress?
  • I believe I am having the same problem. I ave 50 lives, but I can't use any of them. If that is the case, why allow lives to be given at all?
  • I have an issue with the new restrictions on lives. This morning, I had four requests from friends for new lives, which I granted. I have 50 lives and did not use any lives myself - just granted them to others. Then, when I tried to accept some of the lives to continue playing the game, it told me that I had already used…

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