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zal Newbie


  • I’m having the same problem. I just figure they want us to purchase things (lives, boosters, etc.) in order to move on. Additionally, the have added nightmare and hard levels to nearly 50% in each land/pathway. Perhaps it’s time for many of us to quit in protest. I used to enjoy playing a few times a day but it’s not…
  • Exactly! No boosters are being given. The levels are ridiculously hard and they want my money in order for me to progress. I get a message “80% of players needed a boost to pass”! What? So THEY know the levels are too difficult to pass without giving them money. Getting close to deleting the game altogether.
  • This is still a problem and it’s now June. I don’t want to be forced to play this. PERIOD! When will this be fixed?
  • This level is ridiculously hard. To expect that you can clear 95 candies in 12 moves is beyond is crazy. That would mean that you have to clear at least 7 in each move, not to mention clearing the blockers before you can even get to all of the candy. More moves would be helpful.
    in Level 1873 Comment by zal December 2020

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