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(Contest Finished) Say hello! 1000 Gold bars in prizes to be won!

Xarly Posts: 2,509 Community Manager
edited November 2018 in Contests

Hi there Sodalicious Community and welcome to our brand new site!

We want to get to know you all, because the more we know each other, the more we can make this place the most fantastic community!  

To celebrate the launch and our new members, we're giving away  some Gold Bars - As the title say, "1000 Gold Bars in prizes', but you're probably wondering what do you have to do to receive that Gold? 

Well, it's very simple: Let us know who you are by introducing yourself here. You might want to tell us why you love Soda and maybe what you like to do in your spare time or you might just say hi - That's totally up to you  

We want to make this as original as possible so we'll reward the 25 best introductions with 40 Gold bars each.

That's a total of 1000 Gold bars to be won!



You have until Friday 30th of November 14.00 CET to participate. The 25 lucky winners will be chosen by our group of King Moderators and contacted by private message. 
The 25 winners will be picked across all King games communities. The Gold bars will be delivered to the game based on where you have posted your introduction. 
You can choose if you want the Gold bars delivered on Facebook/ or on your mobile device. If you choose mobile device then please make sure your game is connected to Facebook/Kingdom so we can sync your winnings.

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