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(Contest Finished) - Where are you playing from? (50 gold bars for 3 winners!)

Xarly Posts: 2,509 Community Manager
edited December 2018 in Contests
Hi all lovely Soda fans!

Now that our Bubblegum Hill troll is coming back to normal, let's get together and celebrate the feeling of Community that we have here!

And how so?

By showing each other that, although we are part of the same Community, we come from very different places in this world! How cool is that?? :smiley:

I'll start myself!

I am Xarly, the Community Manager, and I come from the very south of Spain (a beautiful place called Cádiz!). I left my country 5 years ago and have been living mostly in Germany during these years. I'm now in Barcelona, working at King, and life couldn't be better! Love this city, love my job and love my cat, who's here with me sharing the adventure!
And that's all it takes - how about you? Where are you playing from?

3 winners will be selected randomly and will be granted 50 gold bars each! You all have until Monday 17th at 15.00 CET to participate :awesome: .

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