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Impossible Level 1984 - Help Anyone?

ReedrossReedross Posts: 13 Level 2
edited January 2019 in Discussions
I realize this is a super hard level, but I cannot even make it to the final play area.  Boosters don't really help.  I'm about ready to just quit.  Any help out there? 


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 28,156 Superstar
    Hi @Reedross, I am not that high up yet.  I'm only at 1812.  What do you have to do for that level?  It's very hard to find videos online for those high levels because not as many video creators play this game.  I'll try to look around to see what I can find and in the meantime, please let me know what you are supposed to be doing.  I will also tag @Xarly who is the Community Manager and maybe he can offer some help.

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  • Alessandro_SAlessandro_S Posts: 312 Level 4
    Hi @Reedross and thanks for posting!

    Yeah, so 1984 is flagged as "Super Hard" and indeed it is.

    I believe that developers at some point realized that making a level hard with blockers wasn't enough, as players could resort to using initial chocolate+color bomb (as I usually say, "Devastation Combo") and wipe out most blockers in the first moves... so the two main strategies around DC are:

    1. regenerating blockers (endless licorice swirl streams, chocolate, bubblegum)
    2. multi-section levels where you are presented one section of the level, then clear it and you have a transition on a different section of the level, until the final section

    1984 is of type 2 above, so even starting out with DC only helps you through the first section of the level, and there are at least 4.

    I attempted playing it no-boosters, only sacrificing a hammer, made it through several sections rescuing 2 out of 3 bears, then had a video helping me out with a +5 moves - and I didn't even reach the final section of the level.

    Bottom line: this level needs to be played with double-fish booster (no point in even trying without, unless you have all the time in the world and can withstand playing 500 times hoping for an especially favorable board) and helping of hammers to fabricate combos as you go. Continues are most likely also needed.

    It is Super Hard, yes.

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