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I'm done!

ellkay Posts: 68 Level 2
King games suck mooseballs! I used to play  long ago, but quit because of the frustration of playing. Then I just recently decided to try again, and played the newer game "Candy Crush Friends", and also restarted "Candy Crush Saga" and "Soda". I see that nothing's changed. They continue to make the levels so freakin' difficult,  that I've removed all these revisited games again.  I will never understand why they feel a need to make some of the levels (many!) very difficult, even seemingly impossible to clear. I refuse to do the same level over and over and over and over again. What fun is that? What challenge is that? It  becomes boring and frustrating. 

So thanks, King! You made me leave your games once again. No loss on  your part I know, but I bet you would have far more players if you only played fair. 



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