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how to improve CSS easily

Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4

First, bring back the quests...

But it would be easy to make the game better.

For instance, let people decide when they want to use their free playing time. We all know, I guess, the moment when you play and midnight comes. Suddenly, you see your daily bonus and many times are upset. You are tired, your phone is almost empty, etc... Why can't we decide to keep it for a few hours?

Same for the rewards. You get 2 hours of free play, but it has to be now.

If the studio works, do useful work, not fancy drawings we don'r even notice.

Try to be more honest with the ads giving you rewards. One never knows when they come -or don't come.A bonus of 10 minutes is a joke, one of 2 hours is worth it.

Respect the players. We make your game exist, without us you disappear. That means what you have been doing with the quests and Mr Toffee is a total lack of respect. We are not cows waiting to be milked...Ask us what we want before destroying your business.

I've lost any consideration I had for those games, and don't know if I can ever get to trust them again.If you think I will use a credit card on a site I don't trust, you don't get the mechanisms of most people's brains.


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