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why all those changes?

Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4

Om the past year and mostly the past month, almost all the free boosters have been taken away from us.

Worse, some have a wheel for daily rewards, some have -as bad a it is- Mr Toffee, some have nothing.

Generally speaking, luck plays now a huge part...

What is Activision trying to do? the old players are very disappointed, the newer ones less. But can you manage without the crowd that brought the games to the top?

And more precisely, what do you want?

If the idea is just to make people pay, say it clearly. If you like a game that is now unfair, with different conditions for different players, tell us.

I'd like to decide to quit or not as a rational decision, and I can't understand what Activision is doing.


  • Yaz_Milani
    Yaz_Milani Posts: 204 Level 3

    I completely agree with you @Anne_Martin.

    I used to really really enjoy playing Candy Crush Soda. It was literally a huge part of my very busy life!

    I feel so cheated honestly.. they took away the quests, added toffee fair to some (not me) and now I’ve waited for the weekend to find they’ve taken away BGH. How am I supposed to have any fun when the only thing available to me playing a level 10000000 times over because I don’t have any boosters.

    King... you have lost any love I had for you. I’m so so upset 😢😢😢😢

  • Xarly
    Xarly Posts: 2,509 Community Manager

    Hi both,

    The game studio is reviewing some of those events and they are working hard on bringing lots of really cool content. I sadly cannot disclose any of it but there are many cool things coming your way this year, trust me on that one!

  • Anne_Martin
    Anne_Martin Posts: 299 Level 4
    have you seen anything cool? people are leaving the game like passengers off a sinking ship. I am now bored and so disappointed.

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