how come some levels are very hard without being called so?

Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 ✭✭✭✭
how is it decided if a level is hard or not? I found some hard ones rather easy, and some normal ones close to impossible.


  • pravir_2002pravir_2002 Posts: 1
    It is posible to bit all the level it depend hoe you take it

  • Anne_MartinAnne_Martin Posts: 299 ✭✭✭✭
    no, it depends on how the tiles are spread. Most levels are impossible and you notice it after a couple of moves. The same level with a different set up may become possible. For many in Soda, you need a black and a soft together. If not, the level is not to be won.
    Nothing to do anymore with how you take it or handle it. The game will or won't let you win. Around the 2100 or 2200, most are not tp pass unless the game agrees.
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